Hi There!

Thanks for checking out my blog, and taking an interest in what I share on these pages. Let me introduce myself.

I am a practical marketing guy, leader of businesses, consultant to senior management teams, mentor to business owners, and advisor to UK Government and public bodies. A qualified marketing professional (Chartered Institute of Marketing) with two decades of commercial experience, who’s pretty unique on account of the range of brands, market sectors, and organisations I’ve worked with over the years.

On a personal level I knows what works, what engages, excites, and motivates people – which is pretty essential when working across any business or organisation – making sure you get employees and stakeholders onboard buying in, and customers continuing to buy.  My business specialisms include strategy, change management, supplier management, and sales. Marketing specialisms include marketing strategy, brand development, propositon development, campaign management, channel marketing, and communications. I tend to focus on ‘the bigger picture’, and therefore have a holistic view of how a business should be competing and delivering value in their chosen markets. My business philosophy sees ‘business as a mechanism that drives prosperity in society. It should not be exploitative, but empower individuals, enrich society, and encourage communities to thrive’.

What ‘Makes Me Tick’?

  • My background is in commercial marketing, sales, and communications  in the corporate world. My early years were spent in the media sector leading the sales activity for media owners and negotiating contracts with advertisers. Working through the recession of the late 1980’s early 1990’s, I quickly grasped the importance that marketing needs to deliver results, drive a business, and generate tangible return on investment (ROI). Therefore ‘woolly thinking’ and extravagence was not an option when creating any marketing activity. It firmly entrenched my thinking that putting ‘the customer’ at the centre of all decsion-making was essential to maintaining a profitable balance sheet.
  • In later years I moved up the ‘communcations food chain’ working agency-side with well known brand owners, developing their propositions to compete in the global market while harnessing The Internet platform emerging in the late 1990’s. Up to that point marketing had woken up to the benefits of more refined targeting, created by the direct marketing and database marketing push throughout the 1990’s where customers had names, contact details, and their purchasing activity itemised – it was embracing this resource by investing in and launching its customer loyalty scheme, ‘Tesco Clubcard’ that helped Tesco secure itself the No. 1 spot as the leading supermarket retailer in the UK.
  • Stepping into marketing management roles, I’d already experienced working with media owners and agencies with first hand knowledge of FMCG, Retail, Telecoms, Business Services and would now continue to expand my repertoire to include Logistics/Distribution, Fashion & Beauty, Health, Food, Government. This is where sharing of insights and ‘best practice’ with different sectors provided clients a useful addition to teams who only possessed single industry knowledge and experience. This confirmed my own convictions that an astute marketer will be able to operate successfully within any sector they choose.
  • Now that marketing decision makers could reconcile their investment with detailed campaign response and sales data, we were faced with the new challenge of meeting the need for personalised customer interaction enabled by The Internet, and delivering bespoke value expected by its users. The 2000’s provided me with the great opportunity to understand how businesses would adopt and integrate the online world not just into their ‘communications mix’, but more importantly how it impacted on strategic development and the overarching business model – indeed new high growth businesses were successfully emerging, with new business models shaped by the immediacy, reach, and technological capabilities of the World Wide Web.
  • And now we’re in stage 2 of ‘The Digital Revolution’, where social media has introduced an ‘uncontrollable’ component to the media environment, where marketers, businesses and organisations are being challenged to no longer dictate in their communications, but empathise and engage in two-way dialogue. This is something I follow with interest, and see it having a dramatic effect on the fortunes of many enterprises large and small – we are passing through a defining and exciting stage!

Where To Now?

The opportunity now, as I see it, is for enterprises to ‘up their game’. Drive innovative new products & services, and create new business models  that take a greater responsibility for the people, suppliers, communities with which they engage.

The challenges now involve developing marketing approaches for enterprises where transparency, ethical business agendas, and accountability are constantly called for through the uncontrolled, global social media channels that resonate with the voice of customers, campaigners, and stakeholders. Accommodating this dialogue within a wider business agenda will be critical to the success of both large and small enterprises within the global economy.

So this is me, where I’ll be, and where I’m heading. Look forward to sharing and meeting with you on the journey.

Bon Voyage!

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