It’s About ****** Time!

At last! Yes, I know I should have sorted this out a long time ago, but now I have a blog! So, welcome to my Blog!

So Why The Blog?

It’s at times like this when I pause to consider not only what the purpose of this blog should be, but how it fits with all my other social media activity, and how I engage with the wider community. This blog will afford me the chance to collect and share my thoughts in reasonable depth on business, marketing and the world in which it operates. I occasionally will share other people’s content, however I feel this is the place for me to originate my own thoughts and present my own opinions, and critique news/trends/happenings of the day. I will also venture to present some rigorous thought pieces, and provide some perspective on a piece of research or emerging developments that will impact on the business environment.

What Have I Been Doing?

Given that back in 2010 I undertook to try and grasp the nettle of ‘social media’ and understand its import, I’ve thrown myself in (in varying degrees) to this space trying out the different platforms, and attending various events to learn what it does and asking “Is it worth it? Is it sustainable? Is it manageable? Will it generate a return?” And at a more strategic level “What’s the impact on marketing practice, business models, and the culture within business?”and again, even wider “How does it affect not-for-profit organisations? Public bodies? Government? Society as a whole?” – something which we weren’t really considering two years ago. But after high-profile spats between celebrities on Twitter, the dawning of the ‘Arab Spring’ and wholesale change of many regimes across the Middle-East, and even the annoying and unexplained riots within London and some UK cities back in August – it’s clear that social media is a powerful and important force that cannot be undermined or ignored.

Next Steps

So although this is the first post on my new blog, I have been responding, writing, and commenting on other people’s blogs and forums. My next post(s) may well capture this content as I bring it all together under this one (blog) umbrella. Afterall, I’d like to think that some of my contributions generated over the past couple of years might still be useful to those reading it, and help consolidate my thinking in one place.

It’s an opportune moment for me to add that over and above the business and marketing topics, I will be addressing burning issues, emerging ideas, and trends which impact on business and wider society. I will also be covering the following key sectors/interest areas; food & drink, clothing/fashion, health & fitness, sport, music.

I look forward to sharing more with you as we step forward. Thanks!

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